Our Virtual Gala Solution

Here in 2020, Virtual Galas have emerged as a necessary response to the current global situation. But honestly, we believe that they are going to be part of the auction mix for quite a while. So, back in February we started working on a new feature for our software to make your Virtual Gala a little easier and more elegant. And now it’s ready!

The new Virtual Gala feature brings together:

  • Extremely low-latency (~ 1 second) video
  • Chat (with automatic acknowledgment of all bids and donations)
  • Item Details
  • Bidding Controls

…all on one screen! Take a look:

The SchoolAuction.net Virtual Gala interface allows you to bring together low-latency video, bidding controls, and a fundraising thermometer.

You can stream the video of your auctioneer and/or emcee through YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and Vimeo Live, or our own super-low-latency platform. You can get that video simply from your computer’s webcam; you can use a pro studio with multiple cameras, elegant backdrops, and intersperse pre-recorded video segments; you can even incorporate video from multiple locations. Use video-mixing software to add on-screen graphics, if you’d like, or keep things clean and simple.

You can use this new feature to sell auction items (maybe include some virtual items?), signup parties, and fixed-price items; conduct a virtual paddle raise/special appeal, and entertain your supporters.

Okay, a screenshot and a short description are interesting, but a demo is even more so. We can also look at the new control panel for Virtual Galas, and discuss the emerging best practices for these new fundraising events. Interested? You can book one here.

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