Managing Sponsored-Table Guests

Over at the Winspire blog, they just published a fabulous post on how to deal with one of the biggest sources of auction frustration: managing the guests who are attending your event on sponsor tickets. Specifically, how do you get them to actually be productive, bidding guests? Check it out: Roger

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Now active: Guided Tours

We added something new to the software yesterday to help all of you when you need to tackle some part of the software that you haven’t used before (or want a refresher on) – Guided Tours. There is now a “Take a Tour” button visible when you login from a computer (the tool we bought

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Sporadic Outages This Morning

UPDATE: We still don’t have word as to what went wrong at the data center, but all sites are back up and running.  For the record, we were down from 11:08 to 11:28, and then again from 11:30 to 11:33 (all times a.m, and Pacific). Our Data Center provider (the company that we contract with

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Should You Use Mobile Bidding For Your Special Appeal?

Special Appeals (aka Paddle Raises or Fund-A-Need) are a staple of fundraising auctions. Mobile Bidding is a popular auction trend. Are they compatible?   This is a guest blog post by Brian Bice, a professional benefit auctioneer based in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.   Like most benefit auctioneers who have been in the business

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