It’s 2020, and We Need To Talk About Privacy

Update: here is the missing link from the email: Hi, I sent the notice below (written by Kris) by email to everyone we have listed as Account Managers today; it’s important enough that we need to post it here too. It’s boring stuff, but really important that someone in your group review the information

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Boost Your Live Auction Revenue with Group Bidding

Fundraising auctioneers are a tremendous source of auction ideas. And luckily, some very talented and knowledgeable auctioneers blog, which means all of us can benefit from their expertise. One of those auctioneers is Sherry Truhar, and we’re always interested to see what she has to say on her blog at Red Apple Auctions. This week’s

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School Auction Social Media Strategy Series: Comments

Interacting with your social media audience keeps them engaged and serves as a reminder that, while social media isn’t necessarily tangible, there are real-live people behind the screen working toward a real-live goal. That goal is ultimately the betterment of the school, community, and future. After you’ve worked so hard setting up your online presence,

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School Auction Social Media Strategy Series: Content

You’re on a roll, now. Your website is set up, your social media pages are ready to go, and you have hashtags that are itching to be used. Now we need to talk about what you’ll be posting  – a variety of content regularly increases engagement and prevents content fatigue. Followers want to see

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