SchoolAuction.Net Master Class

Because sometimes, videos aren’t enough

As a customer, you should already know about our thorough online documentation, our YouTube channel, and our support website – all of which are designed to help you learn how to use our software.

Despite the availability of all of these resources, we do often get requests for personalized training.

Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our customers.

We are currently taking reservations for Master Class training sessions. Two-hour live, interactive webinars for your auction team. Roger (one of our founding partners) will be teaching them; he’ll cover the software screen-by-screen, plus how to incorporate strategies, games, and the like. We’ll finish with a segment on what you need to know on event-night, to handle the oddball situations that do come up.

There is a cost for these; $199 for each two-hour session. It will be worth it.


Step 1: Schedule your appointment by clicking this link:

Step 2: After you have scheduled your class, click the Checkout button below to pay for it. Your fee covers up to 14 logins to the web meeting; if you have more people than that who want to attend, you can have multiple people in front of a single computer.