Coming Soon: Changes To Your Event Site

26 Jul 2021 By Roger Devine

We update our software every week - usually the updates contain only minor enhancements and bug fixes, and mostly go unnoticed. That won’t be the case this week. . .

On Wed. July 28th, the update contains changes you’ll notice right away:

Major Reorganization of Site Settings

We’re proud of how customizable our software is. We weren’t proud of how hard it was to find the settings you needed to customize. So we’ve reorganized the Site Settings Menus and individual settings pages into more intuitive groupings with more specific labels and a more logical order. We know this is disruptive - we get really grumpy when the grocery store reorganizes its aisles too - but we sincerely think we’ll all be happier in the long run. . .

Major Changes in How Items are Flagged to Sell (in and out of the catalog)

For auction items, we’ve replaced the bidding style dropdown menu with individual checkboxes for each option - it’s more intuitive, more flexible, and allows event sites to be used for both Gala AND Virtual portions of an event.

For non-auction sales, we’ve consolidated all of the “locations” a fixed price item is offered for easier item management.

Complimentary Pandemic Upgrades are Ending

The “Covid 19 emergency” hit during peak auction season. As our customers scrambled to pivot to Online and Virtual events, we offered complimentary upgrades to any tools that would help them succeed - including our advanced online tools, one-screen Virtual feature and the new crowdfunding campaigns (and later, online store templates).

It was the right thing to do - and it was incredibly rewarding to work alongside such resilient and indefatigable “do-gooders” facing unprecedented challenges. Huzzah! But as we hope you understand, that’s not exactly something we can sustain long-term. Any event sites you have that have special extras will keep those through your event. But new sites you build will have the appropriate feature set, as determined by your annual plan.

What to expect:

On Wed. July 28th, all (except imminent) event sites will be updated with the Reorganized Site Settings and Item Flags for bid/purchase styles and locations. Note: If your event is imminent (event date between July 26 - Aug 9), your site will not be updated until August 15.

You can find more details about these (and all pandemic-era) changes here.