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Our Partners

Credit-Card Processing Companies

We’ve said it often: is not a bank, and we don’t even play one on TV. So, if you want to accept credit-cards for payment at your event, and you do not have an existing merchant account, you should contact one of these companies to set up a merchant account and gateway account. Tell them you are using, and they will know what you need.

Preferred Partner List

The companies listed below share our focus on providing schools and community-based non-profits with appropriate, economical services for effective fundraising. They have been true partners to us and we are happy to give them our highest recommendation.

Diamond MindDiamond Mind specializes in working with independent schools of all varieties, and has a long track record of working well with customers.

VantivVantiv is a large national processor with an extensive stable of non-profit organizations in their customer list. We have integrated Vantiv’s Elements Payment Gateway into our software, and think it performs extremely well.

iATS PaymentsiATS provides auction card-processing services for use with several other auction-software companies; we can’t hold that against them, since they work almost exclusively with non-profit organizations, and have a stellar track record for customer service. This is also the best choice for all of our Canadian customers.

ClearGateOur newest partner, ClearGate is a payment company based in Reno NV, with strong roots into the schools market on the West Coast. In the six months that they were on our Verified Partner List, they impressed us greatly with their dedication to their customers and the things those customers told us about how easy they are to work with. So we’ve upgraded them to Preferred Partner status, and recommend them highly.

Verified Partner List

The companies listed below have all worked successfully with many of our customers. We know that their services and ours work together well, and that they understand the needs of our customers. If you already work with them, or are looking for a new merchant-processing company, please know that we think these companies are all excellent choices.

Event Planners

Many professional event planning companies exist; a subset of them have some real expertise in planning fundraising auctions. Here are a few we have worked alongside, who we can fully recommend:

Chris Malloy Events - Chris’ primary market is in New England; he’s done excellent work producing many non-profit galas, as well as political events and music festivals

The Charity Angels - Based in Los Angeles, this group of consultants is a full-service agency founded by a benefit auctioneer. Recently, we have partnered with them as their exclusive auction-software provider, so you know they have brains and good taste.

D & K Events - Denise and Kurt are based in Seattle, WA, and serve the greater Puget Sound area. They have done great work for customers of ours in that region, and we are happy to recommend them.

Auction Training & Consulting

Most auction chairs get no training; perhaps you’ve watched the previous chair, maybe someone handed you a binder. There are people out there who can help you. People who have resources you can read, watch, or listen to, that will make you a more successful chair.

Red Apple Auctions - Each week, thousands of auction organizers tap into Sherry Truhlar’s upbeat auction advice at Red Apple Auctions. In addition to offering entertaining fundraising auctioneers at galas across the nation, auction planners rely on Sherry’s how-to classes, videos, tele-seminars, and products to simplify their work.

If you’re an auction chair who wants to “do the auction right” without turning your life over to the auction, get started with this complementary procurement tool, our annual Auction Item Guide™. The Guide reveals the top 100 items that sold for over value in charity auctions last year – and it’s free! Claim your copy on our website.

Hardware Rentals

You’re going to need laptops and printers at your event, and it’s a smart idea to rent them from one of our preferred partners, who know our software and how to set up your event-night infrastructure.

Streamline Support (formerly NW Auction Support) can provide computers, tablets, printers, card-readers and WiFi hotspots to auctions anywhere in the U.S.; they also provide on-site support to auctions in the Pacific Northwest, The Bay Area and Texas.

Pacific NW
Network Support Group - Pat, the owner of Network Support Group, is a customer as well as a partner, and provides excellent support to auctions in the state of Washington.

SOS Events - Over the past ten years SOS has provided software support and computer hardware rental for fundraising galas in the Pacific NW. Per clients’ requests, SOS has expanded services over the past year to provide additional support as needed.

Auction Items

For events that have difficulty finding items, we recommend using a service to procure auction items, as it streamlines the process, leverages industry expertise, and ensures access to a wider range of valuable items, ultimately enhancing the success of your auction event.

Risk Free Item Shop - The distinctive feature of the Risk-Free Item Shop lies in its ability to offer AI-based recommendations, empowering events to optimize their revenue potential.

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