Non-Profit Pricing

There are many different sizes and types of organizations that run fundraising auctions and we have plans for all of them. Not a non-profit? Our corporate rates are here.

The tables below cover things at a fairly high level; you can download all the gory details in our pricing sheet, or download our full Information Packet for a printable, detailed overview.

Virtual Gala Special

$1000 / Event
$1500 / Event

All the features you need to run a Virtual Gala. For new customers only.

1 Event

Virtual Live Auctions

Stream up to 3 hours of live video of your auctioneer to your bidders, and have them interact and bid in real-time.

Online Auctions

Browse and bid on items in online catalog from any device. Includes option to transfer high online bids to starting bids at gala.

Mobile Bidding

  • SMS/Text notifications
  • Leaderboards
  • Admin event night tools: QR and short code access to bidding, placing proxy bids, checking guest/bid status, extend bidding.

Hosted Website

A customizable website for your event.

Advanced Catalog Options

Advanced category browse tools and choose of catalog item displays: standard, compact, list.

Communication / Branding

  • Create custom email templates and customize header and footer on all emails
  • Add your logo/banner image to print materials.


  • Upload donors
  • Online form for submitting/accepting donations
  • Tracking tools.

Data Importers

Upload Guests with Tickets and/or Items with Donors.


Sell tickets online or enter tickets sold offline. Online bidders can sign up to bid or accept your emailed invitation.

Invitations to Participate

Upload supporters and provide easy access with emailed invitations to take specific actions: donate, buy tickets, bid and more.

SMS (Text) Invitations

Bulk send SMS/text invitations to bid


Analyze your event results with our customizable reports – Sales, Payments, Guests, Items, and more…

Recurring Donations

Accept sustaining cash donations online, during ticket sales, or during your gala for automatic monthly processing.


Build sponsorship packages with tickets and items and promote sponsors on homepage, in catalog, and/or on receipts.

Payment Processing

  • Accept credit cards and process transactions at a rate of 3.25%, plus $0.30/transaction.
  • Accept e-checks for online payments.

Standard Support

  • Comprehensive, illustrated online help documentation.
  • Prompt email support (including evenings and weekends).
  • Phone support on day of event.


$1500 / year
$2250 / year

Our most popular product. Includes mobile bidding, sponsorship packages, recurring donations and the ability to use your own credit card processor.

Up to 6 Events

Includes all Virtual Gala Special Features, Plus…

Gala Auctions

Traditional, ticketed events with paper and/or live bidding plus: paddle raises, raffles, sign-up parties and fixed priced item sales.

Hosted Websites

Separate customizable websites for each event allows you to run overlapping events, with unique teams, settings and dedicated reporting.

Voting Contests

Convert votes to dollars for your talent competition or dessert dash.

Payment Processing: More Choices

  • Want to use your own merchant account? Just connect it to our software with or another one of our supported gateways and you will have the same functionality as if you used our default processor.
  • Accept e-checks for online payments.

Event Night Tools

Check your guests in (or let them check themselves in from their home computer), and store their credit-card number securely. Guests can check out with the help of your volunteers, or on their smartphone.

Print Materials

Choose the size and elements to include in bid and description sheets, bidder paddles and more.


$2500 / year
$3750 / year

The preferred package for organizations with unique, complex, and/or frequent fundraising events. Provides a professional suite of tools and personalized support.

Up to 8 Events

Includes all Virtual Gala Special and Plus Features, as well as…

Telephone and Email Support

  • Phone support available M-F, 9am-5pm PST and on day of event.
  • Prompt email support (including evenings and weekends).
  • Comprehensive, illustrated online help documentation.

Personalized Training

  • Quick Start Training: learn how to configure the software for your event, add items and tickets, and set up your communications strategy.
  • Flight Check Training: personalized webinar reviewing your site, data, and settings prior to your event plus training for event night data entry team.

Professional Branding

  • Add your logo/banner image to all emails.
  • Email thank you messages (including details of their support) to donors and guests.

Premium Catalog Tools

Advanced Catalog Browsing Options, for easier browsing of 250+ items.

Custom SMS (Text) Invitations

Compose and send SMS messages to selected supporters.

Advanced Mobile Bidding Controls

Mobile Bidding Pro Tools for launching and monitoring bidding, adjusting closing times and triggering notifications in real time.

Bulk Process Credit-Card Charges

Charge all open orders with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which subscription package is right for my team?

Not all auctions are the same. That’s why we’ve created three subscription packages to serve a variety of auction types. Our Standard subscription is perfect for groups who run a small traditional auction every year, but may or may not want to incorporate some online bidding. Our Plus subscription is designed for groups who run larger auction fundraisers, may want to incorporate mobile-bidding at their event, and/or wish to collect recurring donations from their guests. Our Premium subscription is designed for teams that would like personalized training in using the software.

What will I need to use it?

To get started, all you need is a computer or tablet, an internet connection, and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). On the night of your event you will need additional computers and printers to use as check-in stations and an internet connection at your auction venue. We recommend 4 stations for auctions of up to 250 guests, and an additional station for every 50 guests thereafter. If you would like to accept credit cards for payment, you will also need a credit-card processing account with a bank.

Can I change my mind later about which subscription level I want?

Sure! We start everyone out with a 30-day free trial of our Plus subscription, and when you purchase a subscription, you can choose the level that is right for your organization.

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