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SchoolAuction.net is a service of Northworld LLC, the premier provider of targeted benefit-auction software solutions. Which is to say, we’re a software company who likes to help non-profits with their fundraisers.

We’re a small company, based in Portland, Oregon. When you talk to one of us, you’re talking to someone who knows a lot about fundraising auctions. We developed our software because we had to—the original developers were recruited to run a school fundraising auction in 2004 and the other partners found them when they were running other school auctions. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of auction teams in the US and Canada (and a few in other countries around the world) run fundraising events.

We are passionately invested in the success of your event. We have to be—we need each and every customer to be a reference customer for us. So far, this has worked well for us, and even better for our customers. Ask one of them—you can email us and we will put you in touch with a few.

Our Company Values

Volunteers Are Worth Serving

We believe that the volunteers who dedicate time and effort to making our local communities better places to live are worth serving. We know that many of them personally extend themselves far beyond their comfort zones in order to raise money for their schools, communities, or causes; we also know that we can help them pull it off, and that this is our way of making those communities stronger.

People Before Profit

We are a “not-just-for-profit” business. We value many factors of our service to these volunteers as highly, or more highly than profit. We will likely never be as profitable as we could be—we will never take as much money for our services as we believe the market would bear, and we will never pare our service down to the lowest levels our customers will tolerate.

Work-Life Balance

We believe in work-life balance. We will always place a high priority on the health and well-being of ourselves and our families. Sometimes this will get in the way of long-term business projects we would like to tackle, or the speed at which we tackle them; so be it.

Sharing is Caring

We believe in leveraging the expertise that we have been given through our interaction with our customers, by sharing that knowledge with other customers, and by exercising it in our own communities—by chairing fundraising events for our kids’ schools, and our Rotary clubs, and the causes we most care about.

You can also contact us by phone at (503) 715-1112 or send us postal mail to the address below.


1631 NE Broadway, #139

Portland OR 97232

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