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Online and Mobile Bidding

Before your gala auction, offer advance online bidding, for a select group of items (or all of them!) Or, run a fully-online auction if you don’t want to hold a gala event.

At your auction, offer your guests the opportunity to bid on items using their iPhone or Android – with automatic outbid notifications via email, text message, and projectable display screens. Then after the event, invite supporters to help you “clean up” unsold items by re-opening online bidding on those items.

online auction

Multiple Events

Not too many organizations have the capacity to run more than one gala fundraising auction per year. But most of the groups we work with find (or invent!) additional uses for our software.  A few years back, they asked us to convert our offering from a one-time use per payment to an annual subscription, so they could use the software to run a clean-up online auction, or to sell tickets to the spring play, or to run a jog-a-thon, or put up an evergreen donation page. We thought that was a great idea, and made the switch – without raising the price of our software.

Included in: All Plans

Use Your Existing Credit-Card Processor (or Find a New One!)

We do not have an exclusive arrangement with any particular credit-card processor; we’ve designed the software to be compatible with the vast majority of standard, commercial merchant accounts.  So if you have an account already that can connect to the Authorize.net gateway (or one of our other supported gateways), you can connect it to your SchoolAuction.net or Tofino Auctions event website, and use that account to run all card transactions. If you don’t already have a compatible merchant account, we’ll be happy to introduce you to a few companies that have excellent rates for non-profit groups.

Included in: Plus and Premium Plans

Recurring Donations

Recurring donations can be a nice, reliable source of income for your organization, and guests may find it more manageable to contribute in periodic installments. SchoolAuction.net lets you collect monthly donations from your guests or donors throughout the year. The first installment will bill immediately; the following installments on a set date each month (chosen by the auction chair).

Included in: Plus and Premium Plans

In All Plans

    Unlimited Items

    Unlimited Bidders

    Annual Subscription

    Fundraising Types

    Online Auctions

    Gala Auctions

    Plant Sales

    Art Shows

    Golf Tournaments

    “Blind” Bidding

    Paddle Raise


    Auction Website

    Customizable Website

    Online Bidding

    Public Item Donation Page

    Public Cash Donation Page

    Guest Experience

    Online Ticket Sales

    Offline Ticket Sales

    Advance Self Check-In

    On-Site Self Check-In

    Self Check-Out

    On-Site Self Check-Out

    Notifications / Emails

    Outbid Notification Emails

    Email Invitations


    Donor Lists

    Guest List

    Catalog Item List

    Bid Sheets

    Description Sheets

    Gift Certificates

    CC Processors

    Use Our Service 3.25% + $0.30 / transaction


    Unlimited Email Support

    Online Video Tutorials

    Online Documentation

    Telephone Support Night of Event

In Plus and Premium Plans

    Fundraising Types

    Mobile Bidding

    Recurring Donations

    Sponsorship Packages & Promotions

    Voting Contests

    Auction Website

    Sponsor Recognition (Home, Catalog, Receipt)

    Advanced Catalog Browsing and Alternate Layouts

    Import Tickets from Spreadsheets

    Import Items from Spreadsheets

    Branding and Communication

    General Event Marketing Emails

    Add Your Own Logo to Bid Sheets

    CC Processors

    Choose your own CC Processor

    Pre-vault CC Prior to Online Bidding

In Premium Plans Only


    Two Training Webinars: Quick Start Training and Flight Check

    Pre-Event and Event Night Telephone Support

    Professional Branding

    Add your logo/banner to all outgoing emails. Email thank you messages to donors and guests.

    Bulk SMS (Text) Invitations

    Send Invitations to Bid by text, with a single click

    Advanced Mobile Bidding Controls

    Master Categories to help organize large mobile bidding catalogs for easy browsing (coming Fall 2019)

    Mobile Bidding Pro Tools for launching and monitoring bidding, adjusting closing times and triggering notifications in real time.

    Bulk Charge Credit-Cards

    Submit all open orders for processing with a single click.

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