Work From Anywhere

Work on your auction from anywhere you can get online – home, school, work, or the coffee shop.


Works on Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome OS

All you need is a recent version of a web browser; bookmark your event website, login and enter donations, ticket sales, and more.

Mobile-Optimized also works beautifully on tablets and smartphones – your auction team can work on the go and your guests can buy tickets for your gala and bid on items with their favorite mobile gadgets.

Record Donor & Item Info

Keep track of critical information on your items and donors – information that you can use year after year.

Easy Donor Management

Quickly enter and track contact details and notes on your item donors. Have everything in an existing system or spreadsheet? We’ll help you get it imported.

Quick Item Entry

Enter all your item details on one form – no “packaging” required! Combine items into Lots or sell them as is. Item types allow you to track what goes into your Live, Silent, Signup, and Raffle sections; flexible Categories help you classify items for your guests.

Sell Tickets From Your Website

Put a link on your school or organization website to take guests directly to the integrated online registration form – when they buy their tickets, the information gets entered automatically in your auction database and they are assigned a bid number. Your guests can even choose to securely save the credit-card they use to buy tickets, for use at the auction.

Sell Single Tickets, Couples Tickets, and Table Sponsorships

Set up as many ticket types, at as many price points, as you would like. Want to encourage guests to register early? Offer “Early-Bird” tickets, and control the time period they are available.

Customize the Information You Collect

You have control over all form labels, and can specify what information is required. You can also collect custom data (e.g. Meal Choice, Seating Preference), and produce reports for your caterer and venue.

Offer Guests More than One Way to Bid

Paper bid sheets and raised paddles work really well at your gala auction – but what about the guests who can’t attend? And if your auction feels a little stale, why not try mobile bidding?

Online Auctions

Whether you use them to start the bidding on hot items before your gala auction, to clean up unsold items after the gala, or as a stand-alone fundraiser, online auctions are an important tactic to have in your bag of tricks – and with, it’s easy to make items available for bidding at any time.

Mobile Bidding

Plus and Premium subscribers can also make specific items available for bidding through guest smartphones at their gala event. A projectable leaderboard keeps everyone in the room apprised of which items are available, and who is winning them at any given moment.

Eliminate Lines at Your Auction

The keys to an easy, fast check-in and check-out? Streamlined, easy-to-learn processes, multiple stations … and self-service options for your guests.

Advance Check-In, or Check-In At The Auction

With a single click, can email your guests a link they can use to check themselves in from home before the auction, storing their credit-card number and printing their own bid paddle. You can also offer a traditional check-in at the event – or both!

Mobile-Optimized Self Check-Out

At the end of the evening, you can also offer your guests a choice – use their smartphone to check themselves out, or go to a traditional check-out desk. Or if they have stored their credit-card earlier, they can leave without checking out at all – you can take care of that later, and email them a receipt.