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Core Features

Carefully Crafted to Streamline your Fundraising

Not Just Auctions

In addition to all the features you'll need to run any type of auction, includes tools to run a multitude of other fundraisers: online donations, event tickets, text-to-give, online store and pre-orders, voting contests, membership dues and so much more. . .

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Fast, Easy Check-out

End your event on a high note. Our Self Check-Out feature lets your guests review their cart and check out with their smartphone.


Unique Event Sites

Creating a separate event site for your major events allows each to have a unique theme, settings, team, and reporting. Plus, past event sites remain intact for future reference and institutional memory. Most important: separate event sites means you can organize and run concurrent fundraIsers! Don't worry, you won't have to start each event site from scratch - you can migrate (copy) the elements you want to re-use from one or more past sites.


Amazing Support

  • Embedded tips on every page plus a library of illustrated articles and videos help you get the most out of our software.
  • Dashboard wizard provides step-by-step instructions for the type of event you're planning.
  • All subscribers receive prompt email support prior to your event (over 90% of requests are answered within an hour!) plus phone support the night of your event.
  • Fusion subscribers also receive two customized training sessions for your staff and volunteers—conducted via webinar, plus phone support upon request.

Card Processing Options

Most of our customers choose to use (our preferred processor) because it's incredibly easy to setup plus affordable, reliable, and secure.

If you already have a credit card processing account, chances are good you can use it with our software and a Virtual or Fusion plan.


Online and Mobile Bidding

Online and Mobile Bidding

Run a standalone Online Auction or incorporate online bidding into your Gala Auction:

  • Offer advance online bidding
  • Continue online bidding during your gala - with Gala guests bidding on their smartphones (at home bidders can continue to bid as well - or not)
  • Everyone bidding receives automatic outbid notifications via email and/or text message.
  • Invite supporters to help you “clean up” unsold items - by reopening online bidding on those items.

Fusion and Virtual Live Auctions

Fusion and Virtual Live Auctions

Recreate the magic of your live auction online. Our Virtual Feature brings livestreaming video, chat, and bidding all together on the same page for an easy, fun, virtual fundraiser. Want to allow guests to attend either in-person or virtually? No problem – our Fusion plan gives you all the tools you’ll need to let your remote and in-person guests bid against each other in real time.

Online Fundraising Campaigns

Online Fundraising Campaigns

A choice of templates makes it easy to create unique online campaigns for all of your ancillary fundraisers: crowdfunds, annual giving, online stores, pre-orders, event tickets, membership dues, pledge-athons and so much more. Check out our demo site here.



Choose a keyword for your online fundraising campaign, then instruct your supporters to text the keyword to make a donation, or place an order, or pledge an "athon", or ...



Build sponsorship packages that contain tickets, items, and promotional spots; then sell them online before or alongside your event tickets. Show your biggest donors how much you appreciate their contributions by promoting them on your event site - built-in displays are provided on the homepage, catalog, and receipts.

Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

Sustaining donations can produce big results! helps you collect monthly donations from your guests or donors throughout the year - offering a more manageable option for many donors and creating a reliable revenue stream for your organization.

Voting Contests

Voting Contests

Looking for a fresh fundraising twist? Voting contests allow your supporters to vote for their favorite act, ugly pet, artwork — the possibilities are endless — with each vote a donation to your organization. Contestants can appear or perform live at an in-person event or in pre-recorded videos or images displayed on the online voting platform or during a virtual event.

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