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Auctioneer Registry


Oregon, Washington, US
Kelly Russell, Artisan Auctions
(503) 734-7287

Oregon, Washington, US
Pat & Pat Brothers, Pat ‘n Pat Fundraising Auctions
(888) two-pats

Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland & Florida
Sherry Truhlar, Red Apple Auctions
(888) 474-0838

New York, Connecticut, DC, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Florida
Duncan Schieb, Boss Hunting LLC
(917) 575-0267

Virginia, US
Justin Swisher, Swisher Auctions
(804) 986-3176

California, Hawaii, US
Keith McLane, KLM Auctions
(415) 350-8523

Washington, US
Tom DiNardo, DiNardo and Lord Auctioneers
(888) 503-0828

Oregon, US
Patrick Siver, BAS, gEvents, LLC
(503) 807-0960

San Francisco, CA
Greg Quiroga, Stellar Fundraising Auctions
(415) 571-8517

Phillip L. Pierceall, Swing City Auction Company LLC
(760) 505-1256

Missouri, US
Toney Thornhill, A Higher Calling Benefit Auction Co.

North Carolina, US
Dick Whittington, Whittington Auction & Appraisal
(336) 957-6106

Oregon, New York, California
Steve Dorsey,SRDorsey Auctioneering
(503) 706-3274

David Goodman, Auction Results
(773) 883-0243

Kevin Rutter, Hot Auctioneering
(720) 329-8626


Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, US
Sherry Truhlar, Red Apple Auctions
(888) 474-0838

Western U.S / Canada

Washington, Oregon
Misty Marquam, Marquam Auction Agency
(503) 701-5586

Washington, Oregon, Canada
Graham Crow, Benefit Auction Associates
(425) 638-7804

Heidi Hill, Paddle Raisers
(541) 910-6058

Idaho, Eastern Washington
Matt and Rose Backs, Elite Auction
(208) 640-7499

Oregon, Washington Brian Bice, Maximized Philanthropy Auctions
(503) 638-9200

Oregon, Washington
Johnna Wells, Benefit Auctions 360
(503) 781-5008

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana
Tanner Beymer, Beymer & Co. Auctions, LLC
(208) 731-9978

Nevada, California, Texas
Joaquin Crame, Top Hat Benefit Auctions
(702) 349-4444

Oregon, US
Mitch Lambley, Auctions for Good
(503) 805-3280

Seattle, WA
Todd Crooks
(206) 715-4483

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado
Fergus Prestbye, Benefit Auction Specialties
(253) 520-1033

Washington, Oregon
Charles Beck, C & L Benefit Auction Group
(360) 438-9190

Oregon, Washington
JillMarie Wiles, Beneficial Auction Services

Jon Batcheller, Auction Oregon!
(503) 283-9519

Stephen Kilbreath, Benefit Auctions
(206) 595-8484

Erick Anderson, E-rock Entertainment
(425) 776-2976

Washington, Idaho
Patty Roll
(509) 993-8553

Oregon, Washington
Marcus Morgan, Morgan Auctioneers

California, Pacific NW
Chad Carvey, The Principal Auctioneer

Forrest O’Brien, Sale Maker Auctions

Justin Timm
(503) 475-5997

British Columbia, Alberta, Washington
Larry E. Veilleux, Rooster Dollarhide Auction Events Inc.
(250) 886-5006

South / Southwest

Harry Sutherland, Blue Sky Benefit Auctions

Brent Voorheis, Voorheis Auction and Realty

Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana
Mike Hanley, SR Custom Events & Auctions

Andrew Bost, Andrew Bost Benefit Auctions

James Ford, Texas-National Auctioneers -
(281) 479-7848

Nevada, California, Texas
Joaquin Crame, Top Hat Benefit Auctions
(702) 349-4444

Sherry Truhlar, Red Apple Auctions
(888) 474-0838

Seth Weiner, Rocktioneer
(404) 567-4452 X:105

Florida, Georgia
Neil Saffer, Saffer & Company Benefit Auctions
(561) 440-4004

North Carolina, Texas
Susan Deitz, Spotlight Benefit Auctions
(919) 454-5150

North Carolina, South Carolina, USVI
Darron Meares, Bowtie Benefit Auctions
(864) 444-5361


Bart Darfler, Darfler Benefit Auctions & Consulting Midwest
(630) 548-4663

Jim Miller, Charity Auctioneer

Vinnie Zaffarano, Zaffarano Auctioneers
(312) 404-9436

Neil Saffer, Saffer & Company Benefit Auctions

Darrell Cannon, BAS, CAI, CES, Cannon Auction Service
(319) 851-6727

Scott Andreas, Andreas Auctions

Kenny Lindsay, Lindsay Certified Benefit Auctioneers

Dan Stall, The Auction Team
(248) 646-2900

Missouri, Illinois
Rick Bauer, Father Time Auctions
(314) 962-4200

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