4 Volunteer Recruitment Tips from Camp Experts

This is a guest post by Glen Greenstone, of CircuiTree For many fundraising organizations, youth programs, and nonprofits, volunteers are a critical resource. They promote your organization, streamline event operations, and free up precious time for your staff to focus on other important tasks, all without the expectation of pay.  However, finding and recruiting the

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Coming Soon: Changes To Your Event Site

We update our software every week – usually the updates contain only minor enhancements and bug fixes, and mostly go unnoticed.  That won’t be the case this week. . . On Wed. July 28th, the update contains changes you’ll notice right away: Major Reorganization of Site Settings We’re proud of how customizable our software is. 

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Does Your School Fundraising Event Need A COVID Waiver?

by Daryl McCarl, Director of Business Development at Smartwaiver Fundraising events are important to schools for many reasons—like raising enough money to throw junior prom, ensuring the orchestra gets to go on an annual trip, or being able to afford the booking fee for a special assembly speaker.  Plus, school fundraising events don’t just provide

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4 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School

by Korri Piper, Sales and Marketing Consultant & Director of Vendor Relationships, ShopRaise Raising money for your school requires organized fundraising campaigns, a giving community, and a little bit of creativity. Thankfully, not every fundraiser needs months of dedicated planning or a high investment of resources to get off the ground. In fact, there are

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Inspiring School Website Design Ideas: 3 Real-World Examples

by Murad Bushnaq, Morweb Today, most organizations are expected to have modern, sophisticated websites. While few of us are web design experts, creating an inspiring website is well within reach for any organization that’s willing to put in the effort and research into what makes designs effective. This can be a lengthy process, but the

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3 Tools for Parent Volunteers Hosting Virtual Fundraisers

Today’s article comes from Debbie Salat at ABC Fundraising, and with over 20 years of fundraising experience, Debbie offers the following advice for parents and guardians volunteering at their childrens’ schools. Parent and guardian volunteers are vital to the success of so many school and afterschool programs – and it’s important that they have the

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Why Afterschool Programs are Needed Now More Than Ever

Today’s article covers a vital component of many children and parent’s lives – afterschool programs. With the expertise he’s gained as the creator of CommunityPass helping recreation centers and schools across the country, Joseph Oriente shares his thoughts on the current and future state of afterschool programs. With 10.2 million children participating in afterschool programs

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