New Feature: Flagging Items for Will Call

22 Mar 2016 By Roger Devine

This week’s update adds a new field to the Item Edit Screen - the Will Call Flag. This allows you to note whether an item is a Gift Certificate, or a physical thing (we’re calling those Pickup Items). Chairs, Admins, and Volunteers will be able to see which is which - there is an icon for each choice, and this will display in the Catalog grid view, on the check-out screen, and the Will Call report - and guests will see the appropriate icon for each item on their receipt. More info here…

This release also includes an improvement for auctions that are using our online auction functionality for “pre-bidding” - now if an item has a high per-event bid from an online bidder who also decides to attend the event, and that item does NOT collect any additional bids, the admin will be able to use the Sell an Item button to transfer the item to that winning bidder’s gala-auction cart, at the same price as their highest online bid.

And of course, this release also has several bug fixes, but most of those were fairly obscure.