Online Auctions Boost Results

03 Apr 2013 By Roger Devine

The Auction is over… but what about the leftover items?

Your school auction was a grand success but, like every year, there are a handful of unclaimed items at the end of the evening. These can be packed away in someone’s garage, to be trotted out again next year, or they can be used to boost sales for this year’s event during an Online Auction.

Online auctions are a great follow-up to the main event, and are a particularly good platform for selling spots in sign-up parties and for refreshing or recombining items leftover from the live or silent auctions.

Best of all, the software we provide is all set up to manage the online auction, which means big benefit for your organization with little additional effort from you and your team.

Many schools are beginning to try out the idea of online auctions as part of their fundraising mix. Built into the service is a special interface to allow people in your community to use their computers to come online and bid on items you’ve procured. about online auctions here…

And, as always, contact us if we can be of service in any way.

~Your School Auction support team