Our way of saying Thanks for your Referrals…

08 Feb 2013 By Roger Devine

A great measure of our success is when you tell other schools and organizations about your success with our software.

We’ve built our business largely on the basis of such referrals, and we can’t imagine doing it any other way. Our referral program is our way of recognizing those who are helping us get the word out about our software and fundraising support.

It’s a simple formula, really: refer three paying customers to us, and you’ll get $500 in coupons - that can cut the price of a Standard annual plan in half! Repeat it with three more, and you can completely cover the cost of a annual plan for your organization.

Here’s how it works:

For each of the first two organizations (school or other non-profit) you send to us and who become paying customers, we will give your organization a coupon code good for a discount on an upgrade or renewal of our software, or for a rental package of 4 credit-card swipers for your event. If you refer a third paying customer to us, we’ll give your organization another coupon for an additional discount on an upgrade or renewal of our software.

Here’s how you make sure to get credit for your referrals:

  1. Email Roger (roger@schoolauction.net) and tell him you want a referral link. He’ll send you one that looks like this: https://my.schoolauction.net/signup?a=1234
  2. Ask the organization you are referring to set up a free account with us, using your referral link to do so. This will give them access to all the information they need to make a decision.

We’ll take it from there. That organization’s account will be marked with the unique referral ID number that we assign to your group, and when they become a paying customer, we will email you the coupon code that your group can use for its next renewal.

From all of us at SchoolAuction.net, many thanks ~

Delila and the SchoolAuction.net Team