Selecting a annual plan Level

12 Jan 2017 By Roger Devine

Last summer, we re-jiggered the feature sets for our annual plan levels, adding significant new mobile-bidding features to our Plus and Premium annual plans. We needed to - many of you who had used our mobile bidding feature last year said you liked it, and it worked well, but that you really wanted to use text-messaging (and not just email) for invitations and outbid notifications. You also wanted to be able to offer mobile bidding for Live and Paddle Raise items, and asked us to improve the display screens.

Once we got done with all of that, we decided that we’d add the legacy mobile bidding features (minus the improvements) to all Standard annual plans, so that mobile bidding would be available for more of you to test out.

But that kind of eliminated one of the easiest ways to tell the Plus and Standard annual plans apart - “does it include mobile bidding or not?” This has led to some hesitation and confusion when selecting a annual plan level.

So, now I’m describing the choice this way: if you only want to test mobile bidding out in a small way (to see whether your audience will respond to it), or if you want to stick to paper bid sheets and paddles in the air, then go for the Standard annual plan. If you are all-in and gung-ho about mobile bidding, upgrade to Plus - you’ll be a lot happier.

Make sense?