Sporadic Outages This Morning

16 Jan 2018 By Roger Devine

UPDATE : We still don’t have word as to what went wrong at the data center, but all sites are back up and running. For the record, we were down from 11:08 to 11:28, and then again from 11:30 to 11:33 (all times a.m, and Pacific).

Our Data Center provider (the company that we contract with to host our servers, and keep them connected to the Internet) has been experiencing some issues this morning. It means that you, our lovely customers, have been unable to access your sites for much of the past hour or so - and may continue to have problems until the data center can fix these issues.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve had 99.99% uptime (above their guarantee of 99.9%) from this provider, but every data center can have problems. Right now, we are in contact with them to get some sort of usable information on the situation; we will post that when we get it.