The Dream Team: Sign-up Party Procurement

10 May 2013 By Roger Devine

It’s our 5th in the Building Your (School Auction) Dream Team blog series, and today we’ll focus on filling the position of_Sign-up Party Procurement Chair._

This might be the best position of all, in terms of sheer fun, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a social butterfly to take it on.

This is a great position for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that Sign-up Parties are big community builders. Party themes tend to become social traditions that return year after year and that draw a consistent group of fun and generous buyers to your event.

The task of the Sign-up Party Procurement Chair is specific and measurable: Recruit 7 – 10 hosts (from within the community or organization) to throw themed parties. Then, work with each party host to determine a date, time and number of attendees. Prepare the information for the catalog and silent auction table, and you’re set.

Sign-up Parties are popular events that sell really well in a Silent Auction as well as in an Online Auction because the attendee list is visible on the item description… which means guest can easily see who else is going and decide to join in the fun!

Your Sign-up Party Procurement Captain should be someone who…

  • Enjoys mingling and socializing with other members of your community
  • Loves a good party – especially when it is built around a unique and fun theme
  • Is overflowing with creative ideas

Remember, with Sign-up Parties you are building a perennial event. People will start buying tickets to your auction just so they can sign up to attend the annual “Martinis for Moms” or “Murder Mystery” event.

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Year after year, we’re here to help.

Let’s get this party started!

Delila and the Team