The Dream Team: Ticket Sales Captain

24 May 2013 By Roger Devine

Auction items are procured, decorations are up, the band is at the ready… but without people in those seats, all this preparation is for naught.

You know you need lots of warm bodies and generous hearts on site on event night, so you can meet your fundraising goals. The question is what approaches will you use to fill those seats?

Today we’ll focus on finding the right person to head up the committee on Ticket Sales.

This is a very gratifying position, especially when event night rolls around and you get the see the fruits of your labor.

The Ticket Sales Committee Chairperson is responsible for getting a certain number of people to attend the event, and there are several ways they can do this including direct sales to member of the school community or organization and online sales via the auction site.

There is definitely some promotion involved, so this person should have some great social skills and lots of natural enthusiasm. They should be someone who…

Is goal oriented and will be excited to start selling
Is totally comfortable asking others to participate by purchasing tickets and/or tables
Enjoys mingling and socializing with other members of your community

If every member of the auction team – and their respective committee members – does their job, then ticket sales will have a perennial appeal from year to year. Your Ticket Sales Captain can do a lot to keep that positive momentum going and growing.

How many tickets can we put you down for?

Until next time,