The Dream Team: Live Auction Procurement Chair

07 May 2013 By Roger Devine

This series – Building Your School Auction Dream Team- is intended to help you identify WHO are the people in your community who have the dedication and leadership skills to carry the fundraising vision forward.

This week we’re focused on the Live Auction Procurement Chair, a critically important position in the Auction Team Org Chart.

Live Auction Procurement Chair is the “big-game hunter” of the team. This person (together with other Live Auction Committee members) will aim to procure unusual, hard-to-buy experiences to be offered for live bidding on event night.

The key to pulling off a successful Live Auction event is to offer the kinds of experiences that people can’t buy outside of an event like yours. We’re talking unique, intriguing… and fun!

Like the Silent Auction Procurement Chair, the Live Auction Captain has a strong commitment to the community and brings some solid networking skills to the table. They tend to be socially connected and don’t have any problem asking for donations… because they believe deeply in the cause and are willing to tell anybody who will listen.

The Live Auction Procurement person and the Committee they chair will not be bringing in as many donations as the Silent Auction procurement people, but they will be brining in bigger ticket items.

Here are a few characteristics that make a great Live Auction Procurement Chair:

  • Confidence – this person does not mind asking for donations, even big ticket items like fancy trips and unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

  • Positivity – they are excited and think you should be too!

  • Organization – there won’t be as many donations to manage as in the Silent Auction, but the details and logistics may be more involved. This person will make sure everything is in order before Auction Night.

Your Live Auction Chairperson will love the cause enough to make a big contribution of time and effort. WHO do you know?

Find the right group of leaders, and the details will take care of themselves… with a little help from us, of course. Remember to keep this series of documents in your planning notebook for future reference.

Also, remember our Facebook page is a great place to drop in and post a question or comment. We’re here to help at every step of the way.

Happy Recruiting,