The Dream Team: Silent Auction Procurement Chair

30 Apr 2013 By Roger Devine

Auction season is winding down. Rather than packing away those event notebooks prematurely; however, remember that next year’s momentum is built upon this year’s organizational foundation.

You have a chance to leave a legacy of success for next year’s team by recruiting and prepping your committee chairs now.

This series – Building Your School Auction Dream Team- is dedicated to helping you identify WHO are the people in your community who have the dedication and leadership skills to carry the fundraising vision forward.

This week we’re focused on the Silent Auction Procurement Chair, a critically important position in the Auction Team Org Chart. This position is the most difficult position to recruit because, frankly, many people dislike asking others to donate. It’s also a deeply rewarding and fun position for someone who is naturally social and enjoys networking.

A great Silent Auction Procurement Chair is someone who:

  • Is widely regarded as a team player with a strong commitment to community.
  • Is social and enjoys meeting, greeting and networking with the other people.
  • Doesn’t mind asking for donations of goods and services to benefit your cause.
  • Brings an attitude of positivity which will help inspire and motivate other committee members during procurement season.
  • Possesses organizational skills to help:
    • Oversee how and where Silent Auction items will be stored, grouped and arranged before event night.
    • Manage a postal mailing campaign, including receiving and organizing the replies
    • Coordinate the pickup and delivery of auction items as needed.

Procuring goods and services for the Silent Auction is a big job which, like all fundraising tasks, works best as a team effort. In future posts, we’ll be offering additional tips for recruiting committee members, so don’t worry about that now.

So, WHO do you know who is a natural networker with a big heart for your community and/or your cause? Take time now to make your list and make the connections that count for next year’s success.

Find the right group of leaders, and the details will take care of themselves… with a little help from us, of course.

And keep your eye on this blog, because I’ll be posting additional Auction Team Positions in the days ahead! Remember to keep this series of documents in your planning notebook for future reference.

Also, remember our Facebook page is a great place to drop in and post a question or comment. We’re here to help at every step of the way.

Happy Recruiting,