is a service of Northworld LLC, the premier provider of benefit-auction software solutions. Which is to say, we’re a software company who likes to help non-profits with their fundraisers.

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New Features: February 2013

This week, along with several security- and performance-enhancements, we’ve enabled the following:

27 Feb 2013 Roger Devine

Upgrade Issue: 2/21/2103

This week, we applied a security upgrade to some of the code libraries that and Tofino Auctions are built on. It was an important...

22 Feb 2013 Roger Devine

A Noble Profession…

As much as volunteerism can leave us feeling alone and overwhelmed, there is nobility in the labors of love we undertake on behalf of children,...

13 Feb 2013 Roger Devine

Our way of saying Thanks for your Referrals…

A great measure of our success is when you tell other schools and organizations about your success with our software.

08 Feb 2013 Roger Devine

Guests Love Experiences… and Parties!

If you’re like many of us, you attend at least one benefit auction – in addition to the one you are helping to plan –...

05 Feb 2013 Roger Devine

How did we do last year? And other common questions…

Because school auctions are generally run by volunteers, record keeping systems are often makeshift and handed down through loose leaf binders and sticky notes. Sound...

01 Feb 2013 Roger Devine

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