How did we do last year? And other common questions…

01 Feb 2013 By Roger Devine

Because school auctions are generally run by volunteers, record keeping systems are often makeshift and handed down through loose leaf binders and sticky notes. Sound familiar?

This may not be your story, but it’s certainly was ours… and that’s why we created software that takes the guesswork out of auction planning.

One of the big advantages of using software is that it creates an accessible record of what was done and how well it worked.

Here’s what I mean.

In your first year as a customer, you may or may not have access to who spent the most money at last year’s auction, and on what. In your second year, having used our software and training systems, you’ll definitely have that data and, in your third year, you’ll have two years worth of solid data that shows how effective your fundraising efforts have been.

Here’s what this could mean to you in practical terms.

By studying your Sales By Buyer report, you can make sure your big spenders know you appreciate their presence and participation by getting them involved in the next event early:

  • Invite them to participate in a procurement brainstorming session and let them tell you what they would be most excited to see at your next auction.
  • Make sure they get their tickets early - even if you have to comp them.
  • Invite them to sit at a VIP table – and make sure they get a bottle of wine on the table.

The Sales by Buyer report also allows you to identify guests who surprised you by spending less than you would have thought. You can then connect with them and ask what they thought of the event. Were they disappointed in some aspect or didn’t like the items? Their feedback is vitally important for future planning.

Look at the Sales by Category report to determine what types of items really appeal to your guests. Pay special attention to the sale-price-to-fmv ratio, to see which categories only appealed to the bargain hunters, and which ones consistently brought more than their value.

The Sales by Type report acts as a helpful procurement framework by allowing you to set goals for each “department” for your upcoming event.

To learn more about how these simple systems can streamline your auction planning efforts, year after year,Register Here to attend one of our weekly webinars.

Until next time,