is a service of Northworld LLC, the premier provider of benefit-auction software solutions. Which is to say, we’re a software company who likes to help non-profits with their fundraisers.

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Just about every organization we work with has an auction committee. One person might come to us because they think it is worth investigating the possibility of using our software, and it’s easy enough for them to start a free trial (since we don’t require a credit-card or any committment), but if they like it, they usually have to get approval from the committee.

We understand that; it’s a good way to ensure that any money you invest in putting on a fundraiser is spent effectively. So we’ve designed an Information Packet that you can print, and bring into the next auction committee meeting with you. It has all the information you need to answer the most common questions that tend to come up - about pricing, and features, and how credit-card processing works with it, and what makes our software a better choice than the other options out there.

You can download the Information Packet here. It’s a PDF - if you need a copy of the Adobe Reader to open and print it, you can get that for free here.

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