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How To Run A Fundraising Auction

Eek! You volunteered to chair the upcoming fundraising auction at your school/club/non-profit organization (or maybe you were “volun-told” to do it).

You know you can do this; you’re just not entirely clear how you’re going to do it. We can help. Not just with our amazing software (which you can read about everywhere else on this website), but also with our new eBook - The Guide to Running a Fundraising Auction.

After many years of working with auction chairs, (and more years than that of chairing events ourselves), we have learned a few things about how to run a fundraising auction, and now we’ve put them into eBook form. Topics covered include:

  • Designing Your Event
  • Staffing Your Committee
  • Item Procurement
  • Ticket Sales
  • Party Planning
  • Auction-Night Operations (Check-In, Sales, and Check-Out)
  • Online Auctions
  • Creating Institutional Memory

PLUS - a Timeline you can print and use with your event. TheKindle, Nook, and Kobo eReader versions sell for $14.95 at their respective online stores, but we’re giving away a PDF version right here - just click the button below.

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