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The title of this piece overlaid on a photo of students in a classroom.
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Partner with Local Businesses for School Fundraisers: 4 Tips

As a school fundraiser, you know how much work goes into securing each dollar of funding for your students. While fundraising is hard work, you...

08 Jul 2024 Guest Post
The title of the article overlaid on an image of people sitting around a table planning a school marketing campaign.
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5 Components Your Marketing Plan Needs to Engage Donors

Fundraising and marketing are intertwined. Think about it: donors need to know about your school’s fundraisers to participate. However, some marketing campaigns lead to greater...

05 Apr 2024 Guest Post
The title of the post featured with an image of someone donating.
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4 Dependable and Simple Ways to Boost Donation Amounts

Imagine what your nonprofit could accomplish if every donor increased their contribution by just $10. That could mean the difference between providing food and enrichment...

24 Mar 2024 Guest Post
These four interactive fundraising ideas will motivate students to get involved and help your school raise the funds needed to thrive.
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4 Interactive Fundraisers that Encourage Student Involvement

Picture your school’s ideal fundraising campaign. Perhaps you put in the work to organize an auction fundraiser, and your students are excited about the event....

01 Dec 2023 Guest Post
Learn more about how you can use fundraising events and initiatives to strengthen your association’s sense of community.
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How to Strengthen Community Within Your Association

As an association leader, you know that building a sense of community within your organization is an essential, yet challenging, part of running a successful...

20 Oct 2023 Guest Post
In this guide, we will review the basics of silent auction rules and show you how to implement them in your next auction event.
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School Auction Planning: 4 Ways to Engage Your Community

23 May 2023 Guest Post
Here are five ways to simplify your elementary school fundraiser.
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5 Ways to Simplify Your Elementary School Fundraiser

5 Ways to Simplify Your Elementary School Fundraiser

16 Mar 2023 Guest Post

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