Add an Online Store
to Your Fundraising Mix

07 Mar 2023 By Roger Devine

There are a multitude of ways to fundraise with a From galas to online auctions, donation campaigns, and fun runs, there are numerous options available to organizations seeking to raise funds for their cause.

With so many options to choose from, it is important to note that not every organization may want to pursue every type of fundraiser. Each school or organization has its unique set of circumstances, supporters, and resources, and may choose to utilize different fundraising methods based on their specific needs.

One of the most popular fundraising types that offers is an Online Store. This simple e-commerce template provides organizations with a simple and effective way to offer branded merchandise, gifts, and other items to their community.

school store

Setting up an online store is a quick and easy process, and organizations can easily manage their store and track sales through’s user-friendly platform. By offering branded swag, organizations can not only generate funds but also create a sense of community and loyalty among their supporters.

Furthermore, online stores are a great way to generate ongoing revenue for organizations. Once the store is set up, it can continue to generate sales and funds long after the initial fundraising event has taken place. The convenience of online shopping also allows organizations to reach a wider audience, regardless of their location, thereby expanding their reach and increasing their fundraising potential.

In summary, while there are many different types of fundraisers available through, the Online Store stands out as a popular and effective method for organizations to raise funds, build community, and increase their revenue streams. The simplicity and ease of use of this e-commerce platform make it an ideal choice for schools and organizations of all sizes, regardless of their fundraising goals.

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