Alert: Issues with Yahoo! Mail

29 Apr 2014 By Roger Devine

Yahoo made some changes to their security settings in the past two weeks - which is blocking emails being sent with a Yahoo “from” address, but originating elsewhere (such as our servers).

This is an issue for those of our customers who have gone into the Admin section of the software, and told to use a email address as the “from” address when sending out receipts for ticket purchases, online donations, event-night purchases, etc. It is NOT a problem for guests to buy tickets/make donations and enter a Yahoo email address as the address that the receipt should be sent TO - it’s only a problem when the chair wants to appear to send email FROM a Yahoo address.

The quick fix for this problem is to change your “from” address to one that is not Yahoo (Gmail and MSN addresses don’t seem to be a problem).

To do so, login, then go to the following two pages, and change any Yahoo email addresses you see there:

  • Admin > General > Email Addresses >“From” email address
  • Admin > Online Auction > General > Email Contact Address

We will be changing how emails are handled within the software (and adding the ability to verify that emails were sent) before next season, but for now, this is the way to go.