Auction Night 911: The List

29 Mar 2013 By Roger Devine

It’s event night.

You’ve reached the culmination of months of procurement, meetings, piles of paperwork, and endless lists of details. You’ve tried to think of everything… and you probably have thought of everything, at least once.

Event night presents a unique challenge, in that you won’t be at your home computer so you won’t have all the auction-related info at your fingertips. That’s why we email a handy checklist, a few days before your event. It’s also the purpose of this blog.

These details are important enough to repeat… at least once. Here they are – the most important pieces of information you’ll want to have at arm’s length on auction night. We’ve learned the hard way.

Print this out and keep it close:

  1. Login and contact information for your merchant (credit card) processing gateway. You’ll want to test credit card processing on event night, before you need to process a credit card. If you have a problem, you’ll want to have your merchant processing support number easily accessible.

  2. Event Night Support number for If something isn’t working right, give us a call and we’ll help you trouble shoot!

  3. Logins and passwords for Volunteers accounts. This assures quick and easy check-in and check-out processes.

Make this your best event yet!

With you every step of the way,

~The Team