Building your School Auction Dream Team

13 Apr 2013 By Roger Devine

For many of you auction night has come and gone… and you’re already looking ahead to next year.

It’s true… almost before event night seats are cold, this year’s auction Chairs are thinking about what went right, what could have been better, and who will pick up the ball and carry it into the next fundraising season.

It’s all about momentum… the momentum that was created last year, which carried through to this year, and will hopefully even gain a little extra steam before next year.

For the last 5 – 6 months, you’ve been working with a group of key people to make your school auction goals a reality. We all know it’s important to build the right kind of team.

In fact, building the right kind of team is the_critically important task as thoughts turn from this year’s success to next year’s event planning.

Let’s face it; most people aren’t volunteers for one primary reason: it sounds like a lot of work. Yet, the whole committee concept is based upon the old adage, many hands make light work.

This adage is particularly useful as it relates to benefit auction planning.

Building your team of auction committee volunteers isn’t burdensome if you have a plan in place. Therefore, we’ve decided to write a series of posts in which we’ll give you a road map for building your auction team… from start to finish.

It’s a lot easier to ask a volunteer to do a job that has a beginning and end, and a well defined structure. We’ll help you define roles and responsibilities by providing specific job descriptions, so you can begin to take a bigger picture view of the process and maximize efficiency at every step of the way.

So, look for these posts to show up every week for a while, and you may want to print them out and put them in your planning notebook… because the ideas we’ll share will come in very handy as you work to keep growing your auction success.

Oh, and by the way; you’ll also find our post-event Debriefing Session Outline to be helpful this time of year.

Your partners in the process,

The Team