Finding Item Descriptions With Your Smartphone

06 Feb 2012 By Roger Devine

This one may be something everyone other than me figured out long ago, but I’m still pretty excited to have discovered it.

Last night, I volunteered at an auction, and bought a few raffle tickets. Miracle of miracles, I won the second-place prize: a countertop wine refrigerator. I’m also in the middle of procurement for the auction at my kid’s school, so I thought I’d just leave this packed up, and donate it to that (we’re going to package it with 8 nice bottles of wine).

But when I went to enter it into our school’s website, I realized I had no description text - the school at whose auction I had won it at had not bothered to enter one, and so I had nothing to crib from.

Enter the Amazon app on my smartphone. I scanned the barcode, and it instantly took me to the product page for this item on the Amazon website. And there was a perfectly suitable description I could use as inspiration. Whee!

The Amazon app is available for iPhones and Android smartphones.