Getting Auction Donations: A List of Resources

It’s THE perennial topic – getting items for your silent auction. People who have done it a few times have a list, a letter that works, and a general confidence that they’ll be able to get it done. But for people who have never done it before, it’s nerve-wracking.

We have some excellent FREE resources here on the website – please check those out in our Resources section. But here are a few more resources you should know about:

  1. Sherry Truhlar, of Red Apple Auctions, publishes a list each year of what sold the best at benefit auctions around the country the year before. You can get a copy of that at her Auction Item Ideas website.
  2. Silent Partners is a company that has a turnkey solution for soliciting donations for benefit auctions.
  3. Winspire is a consignment company that can provide travel packages for your live auction. Their free newsletter is definitely worth subscribing to. When you’re ready to get a bid from them, contact Chris Jennings.
  4. The PTO Today website has an Auctions Group that is free to join and a pretty great source of information from fellow auction chairs.

If you want to suggest other resources that your fellow auction chairs should know about, please use the comments box below.


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