Getting to the Heart of the matter

11 Jan 2013 By Delila

It’s a fresh year, and for many of you, this is the time when your plans and strategies for organizing and executing a successful benefit auction really take off!

Amidst all the planning and strategizing, never lose sight of the core element: your mission.

Recall what initially sparked your enthusiasm for volunteering. It’s likely the same thing that will ignite the passion of your donors and guests for giving, as well as your volunteers for their work.

To ensure the success of your benefit auction, it’s crucial to fill those seats with individuals who are genuinely enthusiastic about supporting your cause. Therefore, it’s essential to capture their attention early on and maintain regular contact in the weeks and months leading up to the auction night.

Here are some tips for establishing a connection with potential supporters:

  1. Leverage social media to raise awareness and generate interest. Utilize platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to engage with “friends of friends” and share updates about your cause and upcoming event. This approach allows you to reach potential donors, vendors, and guests who may not have otherwise been aware of the occasion. Assign a dedicated volunteer to handle regular posting and content sharing.
  2. Emphasize your cause through various channels. Incorporate compelling messaging about your mission or cause in all promotional materials, including event posters and advertisements.
  3. Send out Save the Date cards to all potential attendees. Compile a comprehensive list that includes members of your school or organization, board members, donors, and vendors.

Until next time ~ keep your mission in mind!