Help Us Spread The Word

07 Jul 2014 By Roger Devine

If you’re already a customer of ours, you probably know a few things about us:

  • We’re independent - not a part of any other company.
  • We’re bootstrapped - there is no Venture Capital behind us.
  • We’re in this for the long run.

In addition, you’ve probably come to realize that we’re not exactly the most ruthless businessmen on the planet. We think of ourselves as a “not-just-for-profit” company. We sell our software for a fair price, but we make a point of knocking ourselves out to make sure you get more value out of it than you pay for. That’s why our renewal rate is over 90%, and has been since the beginning.

It’s also why well over half of our new customers every year come to us from referrals. Auction chairs telling other auction chairs that they’ve found a better piece of software to use, a better company to deal with.

These referrals are quite literally what keeps us going - if we had to survive on the growth coming through advertising, we would have closed up shop years ago. So if you have ever referred us to another organization, please know that we are grateful, and flattered.

And greedy. We’d like more referrals, please! And here’s what we’re willing to do to help make them happen:

When you refer another school or non-profit to us, and they become a paying subscriber (Standard or Premium level):

  • We will give you a coupon code good for $100 off your group’s next renewal
  • We will also give the new customer $100 off their first year’s annual plan fee

In order to qualify, the new customer needs to let me (Roger) know who referred them, preferably BEFORE they pay their annual plan fee. That’s it - then I send them a coupon code (which they can use immediately), and I send you a coupon code (which you can use when you renew.

Sound good? If so, why not send this post to someone you know who could really use an ally as they start working on their next auction.

We greatly appreciate it.