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03 Feb 2014 By Roger Devine

Every day (weekends included), we are available to our prospects and customers, to answer questions and provide help on a wide variety of fundraising topics.

Here’s a handy guide to help you get your inquiry to the right person on our team:

  • For auction chairs or team members with _paying_customers, please start with the Help link in the top right corner of any page of your event website - you’ll see this when you are logged in as an Admin or Volunteer. It looks like this:help
    And clicking it will bring up a set of links. Many of the links go to our online documentation, but there is also one at the bottom that will bring up a contact form. The cool thing about using that is that it automatically lets us know what school or group you are with, and what site you are working on. That’s very helpful to us.
  • If your auction is hapening in the next 7-10 days, or you have an urgent request, and want to call the support team rather than emailing, you can use the number (800) 717-5796. If it’s the summer, feel free to call even if things aren’t urgent. But really, from say mid-September through mid-November, and from mid-January through mid-May - email if at all possible.
  • For auction chairs or team members with prospective customers: call (503) 913-4407. That will get you to someone (Roger) who can explain the features of the software to you, pricing, and more.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • We live in Portland, Oregon. The support team starts answering email tickets by 6 am our time most days, but I would not count on them being available for phone calls until at least 6:30. Let them have a cup of coffee first. Everyone else starts at 8:00 am our time.
  • If you can email, please do so. We guarantee to answer support emails within a day, but usually get to them within a couple of hours. We do prioritize our responses; first to Premium customers (who have paid for this extra level of service), then to auction teams whose event is in the coming week, then to the oldest ticket not covered in the previous two categories. And still, we get to most everyone within a few hours.