Maximizing Results with an Online Auction

26 Nov 2013 By Roger Devine

Online auctions may appear to be an easy, convenient way to raise money for your school or organization. But the truth is that online auctions, all by themselves, are often less effective than gala fundraisers because it’s pretty hard to motivate people to go online and bid. Online auctions alone do not tend to make nearly as much money as live events.

However, online auctions can be used very effectively to maximize the results of your live event while engaging the support of even more donors. Here’s how…

  1. On online auction is a great way to sell the remaining items leftover on auction night. Rather than losing money on the random items that didn’t sell – including spaces in your popular Sign-up Parties – an online auction can provide a simple and convenient way for people to take advantage of great deals while supporting your organization.
  2. Online auctions provide an easy and convenient way for key supporters who were unable to attend your gala event to participate. Scheduling and other conflicts inevitably keep some of your biggest bidders from attending your live event, and it’s important to give these folks a way to be involved. By sending links to your online auction, these folks can support your organization by purchasing leftover items or making a donation using the Special Appeal tab.

Our software makes it easy to run an online auction following your event, with very little additional effort from your volunteers and with great results. The same event website you use to manage the gala is also used as the “venue” for your online auction - once you select the admin setting to “enable online bidding” then guests can go register and bid on any items you have made available to them.

For best results, run your online auction after the event. Let your auction team in on the plan, but don’t let potential attendees know about the online auction until after the event – you don’t want to give your guests an excuse not to buy a ticket for the gala.

On auction night, if you have items that do not get a minimum bid, hold on to them. These can be promoted in the online auction to follow. Your online auction will feature these items, any unsold spaces in Sign-up Parties, and any items that were donated too late to make it into your live auction catalog.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use an online auction to expand your reach and maximize your results.

We’re here to help.

The Team