New! Import items from DonationMatch!

07 Jan 2019 By Roger Devine

Have you checked out DonationMatch yet? I’ll give you a moment. Do come back, though: we have a very cool program going on with them that you will want to know about.

Back? Isn’t that great? I met Renee Zau, the founder of DonationMatch a few years ago, and we have done a few marketing things together since. What she and the rest of the team there has built is pretty fantastic for us auction chairs. My recommendation? Pay for the Pro upgrade - your procurement team will love you. They might even agree to help with procurement again next year (no guarantees on that.)

We’re starting a new program with them this year - when you get a donation for your auction from one of the companies listed on DonationMatch, you can export a .csv file with all of the info - in the format you’ll need in order to import them* into your database!

It’s pretty cool, and if you get a bunch of donations from there, this new feature can save you a lot of time. Check it out.

*Item importing is a feature that is available to Plus/Premium subscribers, but Standard subscribers shouldn’t get discouraged - the file that is exported by DonationMatch is also easy for humans to read, so you can enter the details of the donated item by hand pretty easily. Item exporting from DonationMatch requires a Pro annual plan. But even if you only use the free service, you’ll love it.