Now active: Guided Tours

01 Aug 2018 By Justin Hirsch

We added something new to the software yesterday to help all of you when you need to tackle some part of the software that you haven’t used before (or want a refresher on) - Guided Tours.

There is now a “Take a Tour” button visible when you login from a computer (the tool we bought to make and manage these doesn’t work well on mobile devices yet - stay tuned for news on that front). Click that, and you will have a choice of tutorials - each encompasses 6-12 steps, where the tutorial asks you to do a specific thing, and then when you do it, the tutorial moves on to the next step.

Building out and improving our Help Resources is a big initiative here, so we are VERY interested in your feedback - how helpful are the current tours? We’ll be adding more - what topics do you think we should cover next? Please email support, info, or Roger at with any suggestions.