Read What Other Customers Have To Say About Us

23 Nov 2015 By Roger Devine

If you have used our software in the past 7 years (and you aren’t based in our hometown of Portland), you probably found us through an internet search. That might have taken you to our website, but it also might have taken you to a different site, where various software products are rated by real users.

One of those sites is called Capterra, and we have long suggested to our customers that they go there to write reviews of our software. Capterra verifies that you are an actual customer and not a paid shill, and they post reviews regardless of whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. It’s been great for us, and I’ve heard from many of you that it really helped you figure out the differences between our software and the competition’s.

There’s another site that looks like they are doing the same thing - it’s called G2 Crowd, and it might also wind up being influential. That would be cool - I am definitely in favor of auction chairs learning everything they can about auction software.

So, if you have used our software in the past, and are willing to share your experience with other auction chairs who are looking for software, please consider writing reviews at G2 Crowd, and at Capterra. They don’t take long to complete, and it’s really really helpful to your fellow auction chairs, and to us.

If you are still in the process of deciding what software to use, here is a link to the auction-software page on Capterra (click the View Profile link to learn more about and read reviews on each package listed there; clicking on the names or Visit Website buttons takes you off Capterra to the company’s website instead) and here’s a link to the auction-software page on G2 Crowd.