Add A Selfie Station To Your Auction

13 Mar 2017 By Roger Devine

Having a photo station at your event can be a fun, entertaining addition to the night. One option for would be to hire a photographer to take photos of guests in photo station. However, hiring someone can be expensive, costing anywhere from $300 to $1,000 or more depending on who you hire and how long the event lasts. If you like the idea of the photo station but are looking for an inexpensive alternative to a photographer, a selfie station is something to consider.

For a selfie station, the first thing you will want is a backdrop that names your organization and the event. One option for setting this up is to make your own backdrop using large seamless paper and printouts of the organization logo and the event name. Doing this will require some extra time, so if you are looking for an easier option, ordering a backdrop instead may be a good choice. One place to look online is PhotoPiewhich has many customizable backdrops with different layouts and sizes and you are able to upload your own images and logos.

Remember to keep in mind where you will be having the selfie station in the venue space. Think about if you will need a backdrop stand to hold it up or if you will be able to hang it on the wall.
Whichever direction you decide to go with the backdrop, make sure you get props and accessories for guests to use when they are taking pictures! Depending on the theme of the auction, there may be specific items you want to include that go along with that. Generally anything like fake glasses, hats, scarves or boas will make the selfie station a fun part of the event!

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Set up a selfie station at your auction