Status Update: 9/10/2013

11 Sep 2013 By Roger Devine

Status Update: 9/10/2013

Sep 10, 2013

For the past 3 hours or so, we’ve had reports from customers of inability to access their event sites.

First of all: we apologize. We know that many of you are trying to purchase tickets for upcoming events, and many others are working on events that are coming up soon, and that this is a major inconvenience for all.

Second: we have identified the problem, and have rebooted the machine that is causing the issue. We still have some work to do on it to fix the problem that caused it to crash, and we will have it up again as soon as we can. This is likely to be within a couple of hours, but it might take a bit longer.

If you want to respond, please email me - - or call me - (503) 913-4407.

Thanks for your patience,


Roger Devine

Roger Devine is an experienced auction chair, a former PTA President, and one of the founders of