Support Issues: 3/7 - 3/12

14 Mar 2012 By Roger Devine

We need to apologize to all of you who were working on your auctions this past week, and tried to get help by emailing us.

From Wednesday of last week through yesterday morning (3/12), we failed to answer any support requests that were emailed to us directly (requests that were submitted through our support form, and requests that came in by phone were answered within the normal timeframe). This is because of a change that our helpdesk-software provider made to their servers that kept those requests from being entered into our system as support tickets. We suspected the problem by Saturday, and were on the phone Monday morning with their tech team to diagnose and resolve the glitch.

This morning we were able to successfully resurrect 90 email requests that came in during that time span that went unanswered, and we are working to get caught up as soon as possible. For some of these, our response will not be in time, and we want you to know that we understand that this is unacceptable - to you, and to us.

If you have been waiting for an answer, we can say with confidence that the system is working once more, and you should feel free to resubmit your request.

Again, our apologies.

Jay, Kris, Roger, Justin, Steve, Lisa, and Kevin