Talking Auctions

09 Apr 2014 By Roger Devine

I talk to auction chairs just about every day. And although we do talk a lot about the software, we also talk about general auction strategies.

These are generally one-on-one conversations, but this past Monday, I decided to try to convene an online Q-and-A session as a Google Hangout, and see if people would be interested. The intent was to record it and post it to YouTube, but that didn’t really work right, so I re-recorded it the next day. It’s not as good as the one with the real participants, but for a first attempt, we’ll take it. You can see the recording here.

I can definitely see different formats for future episodes of this - perhaps roundtable discussions on a topic, perhaps guest presenters. Let me know what you would like to see.

The next live Talking Auctions Hangout On Air is scheduled for April 21st at noon Pacific. You can sign up here (you’ll need a Google or GMail account):