The Dream Team: Theme and Decorations Chair

01 Jun 2013 By Roger Devine

Who doesn’t love a good party?

The success of your fundraising event depends upon many things, not the least of which is creating an atmosphere in which people feel festive, friendly, and generous. This is where the role of Theme and Decorations Chairperson becomes vitally important.

Theme and Decorations Chair is a position for the party planner in your group – the one who is everyone’s favorite hostess. This is a person who light’s up at the thought of creating atmosphere, mood and fun with fanciful or exotic themes such as Monte Carlo, an evening in Italy, Classic Hollywood Films, or Dancing with the Stars.

Regardless of your chosen theme, all marketing, ticket sales, and decorations will reflect this idea. The Theme and Decorations Chair is the spark who brings the theme to life.

Therefore, Theme and Decorations is an important position to fill early in the planning process, so that the Chairperson can have input when choosing a venue, caterer, and menu for the event.

Here are the qualities and qualifications you’re looking for in your Theme and Decorations Chair:

  • A team player who can work effectively and cooperatively with the people at the venue, as well as with other committee members and volunteers.
  • An organized person and a good time manager. These are important skills, especially when organizing the preparation of centerpieces and decorations during event week.
  • A good supervisor who can easily delegate tasks during set up and breakdown of the auction event.

On auction night, the Theme and Decorations Chair will work in tandem with the Front Desk Manager to oversee the event. While the Front Desk Manager is taking care of all the front desk logistics and item pick up, the Theme and Decorations Chair will oversee the decorations, lighting, music, catering, seating and wine service.

Remember, running a successful event in which volunteers are happy to return year after year means limiting the scope of each position so no one person suffers burnout in the process. Therefore, the Theme and Decorations Chairperson will only be responsible for this aspect of the event… and will not be expected to work on procurement or ticket sales or anything else related to the auction.

Creating the right tone and ambience for your event is what will leave attendees with a wonderful impression that will keep them coming back to your event, year after year. The Theme and Decorations Chair gets to help make that magic happen which, as some past Chairs would tell you, is the best part of all.

Don’t forget your party hat,

Delila and the Team