Tomorrow! Learn the 5 Key Elements to Auction Success

29 Sep 2015 By Miranda Hansen

In this webinar, Roger Devine, Founder and Auctions Expert will reveal the 5 key elements to school auction success and share with you how to:

September 30 @ 2PM ET | 11AM PT
  • Plan your auction for maximum success
  • Promote the auction for maximum participation
  • Set up the right auction and payment platform
  • Procure the best auction items
  • Run a flawless auction event
**Register [Here](http://The%205%20Key%20Elements%20to%20School%20Auction%20Success%20Auctions%20are%20becoming%20more%20and%20more%20popular%20among%20independent%20schools,%20raising%20significant%20funds%20for%20schools%20around%20the%20country.%20But%20auction%20success%20really%20depends%20on%20getting%20a%20few%20things%20right%20-%20from%20planning%20to%20having%20the%20right%20auction%20technology.%20September%2030%20@%202PM%20ET%20 %2011AM%20PT%20In%20this%20webinar,,!) for this Exclusive Webinar!**