is a service of Northworld LLC, the premier provider of benefit-auction software solutions. Which is to say, we’re a software company who likes to help non-profits with their fundraisers.

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Comprehensive Feature List

Maximize your revenue by utilizing all of our features

Unique Event Sites
Separate website for each event allows event-specific customization, reporting and concurrent fundraising
Subscription provides full access to all event sites (past and active)
Customizations, settings, records can be migrated (copied) to new event websites
Choose a homepage template, theme, colors, then add your own images, instructions
Additional homepage templates and option to add your own CSS
Bidding Options
Bid Sheets
Online (bidders use their own laptop, tablet, phone from anywhere)
Pre-bidding Online, high bids transfer to Gala
Blind (Secret) Online Bidding
Max (ebay style) bidding or Quick (single) bids
Extended bidding (automation to ensure all bids in final moments are captured)
Mobile Bidding (bidders use their own smartphone at your Gala)
Proxy bids (for bidders w/o their own phone or needing assistance)
Virtual (bidders watch livestream/chat/bid on a single screen)
Fusion (simultaneous in-person paddle bids + virtual online bids)
Fusion (simultaneous in-person + virtual online bids)
Gala with all smartphone bidding (silent and live)
Fundraising Campaign Pages
Online Donation Page
Unlimited Individual pages for all of your ancillary fundraisers
Multiple Templates available (classic, crowdfund, online store)
One-time and recurring (monthly) donations
Text-to-Give access for each Fundraising Campaign
Virtual Event Features
Ultra low latency livestream broadcast
Participants watch livestream, chat, bid and donate on a single screen
Customizable Pre and Post event display and functions
Fusion tools support simultaneous in-person paddle bids + virtual online bids
Fusion tools support simultaneous in-person smartphone + virtual online bids
Fusion tools support Gala with all smartphone bidding (silent and live)
Registration Options
Unlimited Guests/Participants
Sell Tickets Online or Enter Tickets sold offline
Import Potential Guests
Import Guests with Tickets
Send Invitations to participate (donate, buy tickets, bid and more)
Email or Text
Email or Text
Offer Add-on options to purchase/donate
Signup to bid online
Donors and Sponsors
Unlimited Donors/Sponsors
Import Donors
Email Invitations to donate items/services with link to online donation form
Track procurement requests, results, and send receipts
Build and Sell Sponsorship packages including tickets and items
Display Sponsors on homepage and/or in catalog and/or on receipts
Catalog and Items
Unlimited Items
Approve/edit donations submitted online before they are added to catalog
Enter and configure individual items sell via competitive bidding, buy now prices, as pay-to-play parties, raffle tickets, or fund-a-need donations
Bundle individual items into packages/lots
Import Items and their donors
Select preferred item display: list, tile, compact tiles (bidders' choice)
Organize Catalog menu by Categories > Items for easier browsing of 100+ items
Organize Catalog menu by Class > Categories > Items for easier browsing of 250+ items
Create Online Paddle Raises
Print Materials
Bid Sheets and Sellable/Signup Sheets for fixed price items
Item Description Sheets (with or without item image)
Item Description Sheets with QR codes for smartphone bidding
Combination Bid + Description Sheets
Display Logo or Banner image on bid and/or description sheets
Gift Certificates
Bidder Paddles
Guest Labels
Print Catalog (formatted items)
Event Night Tools
Advance Online Check-In
On-Site Check-In
Easy Item Sales
On-Site Check-Out
Smartphone Self Check-Out
Will Call Tools
Mobile Bidding Leaderboard
Mobile Bidding Dashboard for launching and monitoring bidding, adjusting closing times, and triggering notifications in real time
Communication and Branding
Customizable email templates for inviting supporters to participate (without having to create an account)
Customizable email templates for auto-generated notifications and confirmations
Create custom email templates (with merge tags) for general event marketing
Add your logo or banner image on all emails
HTML emails display consistently across all email providers/inboxes
Customizable Thank You email template provides personalized transaction details to supporters and donors
Print and email receipts to donors and supporters
Send Outbid Notifications via SMS (Text)
Send internally generated Gift Certificates to guests via email
Send Invitations to bid/vote via SMS (Text)
Send custom SMS (Text) messages
Online Payment Processing
No revenue limits or thresholds
CC Processing Service
Deluxe or use your own
Deluxe or use your own
Vault credit cards during ticket sales, advance (online) check-in, or onsite check-in
Add optional fees to offset credit card processing costs
Rent or Buy Credit Card Swipers
Request or require vaulted credit card prior to online bidding
Bulk Process vaulted credit cards on all open orders
Supported Credit Card Gateways:
NMI/Diamond Mind
eProcessing Network
Merchant e-Solutions
Vantiv (Elements gateway)
Bill Highway
Comprehensive, illustrated online help documentation
Unlimited Email Support
Phone support on day of event
Phone support M-F 9-5PST
Virtual Event Webinar: weekly webinar for Planning and Setting up your Virtual Event
Virtual Event Webinar: weekly webinar for Launching and Managing your Virtual Event
Quick Start Webinar: 1 hour personalized training for your team: learn how to optimize the software for YOUR unique event
Flight Check Webinar: 1 hour personalized webinar reviewing your site, data, and settings prior to your event plus training for event night data entry team

Events & Fundraisers Supported

Event Type
In Person Gala Auction
Golf Tournaments
Point of Sale
Online Auctions
Gala Auctions with online pre-bidding
Gala Auctions with mobile/smartphone bidding
Gala Events with mobile/smartphone voting contests
Virtual Live Auctions
Fusion Auctions with In Person + Virtual attendance/bidding
Fundraising Campaigns - online pages for:
Online Donation Page
Online Store
Membership Dues
Annual Giving
Simple Ticket Sales
Recurring (Sustaining) Donations

Pricing Details

Event Type
Annual Subscription
Event Fee
Performance Fee
CC Processing
3% + $0.30
3% + $0.30
Use your own
3% + $0.30
Use your own
3% + $0.30
eCheck Processing
1.5% + $0.30
1.5% + $0.30
1.5% + $0.30
1.5% + $0.30

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