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Is Mobile Bidding something you should incorporate into your school’s fundraising auction? While it’s trendy and fun, this question does not have a one-size-fits-all answer; your venue, auctioneer, and community preferences are factors you need to consider.

We’ve been helping PTAs, PTOs, HSAs, and other volunteer-led, community-based non-profit groups run fundraising auctions since 2007 - before the mobile-bidding trend came to be, and we continue to help these amazing groups run whatever type of fundraising auction they would like - Silent, Live, Online, Mobile - or any combination thereof.

We recently added basic mobile bidding functions to our Standard annual plan package - so that groups who run traditional, gala-based Silent auctions can take a small slice of their items and use them to experiment with the whole mobile bidding idea. And we’ve beefed up the capabilities of mobile bidding in our Plus and Premium packages - adding SMS notifications, additional item types, and additional display screens for those groups who know that mobile bidding fits their event.

Ready to see if our software can help take your fundraising auction to the next level? Start a FREE Two-Week Trial by clicking here, or call Roger at (503) 913-4407.

Priced for Non-Profit Groups

We have packages for every size event and every type of non-profit group - from a small church group running a silent auction, to large non-profits running big, complicated events. And if you choose to accept credit-cards, we add no transaction fees to what your bank charges. See our Pricing Page for more details.

One-Click Bid Sheet Generation

Enter your item details (donor, item name, FMV) into your database, then generate bid sheets with a single click. You can also easily generate gift certificates, guest labels, description sheets (with images) for the item tables, and more.

Share the Workload

With unlimited user accounts, your whole team can work from wherever they are - home, school, work, or the local coffee shop. And with built-in forms to let community members buy tickets, and donate money & auction items, you’ll have less data entry to do.

Expert Assistance, Anytime

Our team of experienced benefit-auction pros are always available to help you use the software effectively, share best practices, and give you timely tips. On your event night, we’re by the phone, ready to help until after your event has ended.

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