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By far, the most frequently-submitted Procurement Tip we get here at is to offer Reserved Seating at school functions.

Start by compiling a list of events at your school that students and family members are invited to attend. These would include student concerts, plays, end-of-year assemblies, and sporting events. Rank them by popularity - this tip only really works when seats are scarce at the event.

Then approach the group producing the event (i.e. the band, drama club, or football team), and ask for a block of reserved, prime seats (think front-row center) as a donation for the auction. If the event is itself a fundraiser, you can offer to pass through the face value of the tickets to the group after the auction, or split what is actually raised if that is less than the face value.

These can be sold as signup items, as silent auction items, or as live auction items - get the advice of your auctioneer before deciding where to put them.

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