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This tip came in from a subscriber this week. I think it is dynamite, and am passing it along as he wrote it:

“At the conclusion of your event after the totals are in and the dust has settled, compile a list of donors from your neighborhood in a simple folded, landscape 8.5 X 11 “brochure” with the title “Businesses Supporting Name of School” with sub heading - “ This is a directory of businesses that supported us and so we should support them.” Names organized by type of business help people focus. Distribute to school community and to donors.

Your “Thank you” directory is even more effective if you include a window sticker for donors that reads “We Support Name of School” and then include a suggestion with the sticker image in your directory suggesting parents “Look for businesses displaying the Name of School logo.”

Your procurement will be much easier next year because the donors know you are taking care of them the way they are taking care of you. Those who may have decided not to donate will think again next year if for no other reason then the need to keep up with the neighbors.”

The only thing I’ll add is that you don’t have to wait until after your next event to implement this - if you have a donor list from last year’s event, write up the donor catalog now, and distribute it with this year’s procurement letters.


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