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How to Build an Effective Supporter Communication Cadence

This is a guest post by Sandra Davis of Donorly

19 Oct 2021 Roger Devine

4 Volunteer Recruitment Tips from Camp Experts

This is a guest post by Glen Greenstone, of CircuiTree

19 Oct 2021 Roger Devine

Coming Soon: Changes To Your Event Site

We update our software every week - usually the updates contain only minor enhancements and bug fixes, and mostly go unnoticed. That won’t be the...

26 Jul 2021 Roger Devine

Does Your School Fundraising Event Need A COVID Waiver?

by Daryl McCarl, Director of Business Development at Smartwaiver

23 Jul 2021 admin

4 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School

by Korri Piper, Sales and Marketing Consultant & Director of Vendor Relationships, ShopRaise

23 Jul 2021 admin

Inspiring School Website Design Ideas: 3 Real-World Examples

by Murad Bushnaq, Morweb

23 Jul 2021 admin
Explore these three tools that parent volunteers can use to host your school’s next virtual fundraiser.
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3 Tools for Parent Volunteers Hosting Virtual Fundraisers

It’s no mystery that students’ parents are busy and virtual tools have made online events easier than ever to host. However, running a virtual event...

23 Jul 2021 Roger Devine

Why Afterschool Programs are Needed Now More Than Ever

Today’s article covers a vital component of many children and parent’s lives - afterschool programs. With the expertise he’s gained as the creator of CommunityPass...

23 Jul 2021 admin

Marketing for School Fundraising Events: A Crash Course

Whether you’re a parent of a student or a faculty or staff member, you’ve likely faced the stress that comes with running a successful school...

23 Jul 2021 Roger Devine
This guide will cover four tips for leveraging prospect research for your virtual gala.
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Leveraging Prospect Research for Your Virtual Gala: 4 Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic gave nonprofits an opportunity to explore new ways of engaging donors—most notably, through virtual events such as galas. And now that the...

23 Jul 2021 Sandra Davis

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