68 Fun Themes for Your Fundraising Gala

05 May 2023 By Roger Devine

Fundraising auctions are about raising money, of course. That’s the primary mission. But you can raise money a bunch of different ways, and if you’re going to throw a gala, it’s probably because you want to have a party, too. And who can blame you?

And if you’re going to have a party, you probably want a theme, right? Give everyone something to consider when picking out what they are going to wear, set a tone for the evening - themes can make the party.

And so in our role of helping you put on the best fundraising gala ever, we thought we’d share some of our favorite gala themes. None of this is original to us - we got all of these from actual customer events, and we love them.

  1. Evoking Exotic Locales
  2. Nights (of the round tables?)
  3. Hollywood/Movie Themes
  4. Seasonal Themes
  5. Little Black Themes / Colorful Themes
  6. Imagination! Inspiration! Dreams!
  7. Food & Drink
  8. Unclassifiable, but worth listing
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Evoking Exotic Locales

  • Havana Nights
  • Monte Carlo
  • A Night In Tuscany
  • A Magical Night In Cambodia
  • Italian Affair
  • Fantasy Island
  • Tokyo Nights
  • Under the Sea
  • Taste of the World

Nights (of the round tables?)

  • A Night with the Big Band
  • A Night at Tiffany’s
  • A Night at the Parthenon
  • A Night Among the Stars
  • Night of the Wolves
  • A Little Night Music
  • An Evening in the Vineyard

Hollywood/Movie Themes

  • [Your Org Name] Graffiti
  • Lights! Camera! Auction!
  • Viva [your Org Name]!
  • Saturday Night Auction Fever
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Red Carpet Gala

Seasonal Themes

  • Harvest Sale
  • Harvest Jam
  • Winter Toast
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Winter Staycation
  • Rites of Spring
  • SpringFest
  • Spring into Auction!
  • SummerFest

Little Black Themes / Colorful Themes

  • Black and White Ball
  • Black, White, and BLING!
  • Red and Black Auction
  • Black & Blue Night Out
  • Green Gala
  • Red Ball
  • Paint the Town Red

Imagination! Inspiration! Dreams!

  • The Power of Imagination
  • Imagine the Possibilities
  • Inspiring the Spirit
  • Spirit Gala
  • Dream Gala
  • Hope on the Horizon

Food & Drink

  • Pasta Extravaganza
  • Taste of the World
  • Tea & Trains
  • Just Desserts
  • Wine & Whiskers
  • Gin & Jazz
  • Oktoberfest

Unclassifiable, but worth listing

  • Tailgating for Technology
  • Get A Clue
  • Celebrating Momentum
  • Pearls of Promise
  • Enter Laughing
  • Cabin Fever
  • Defying Gravity
  • Mystery
  • Groovin in the Grove
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